Carsten Elgert

The Art of (Sales)-War

Turning Sales into Art . What and Why

A training compendium containing meanwhile five modules, to coach ambitious employees for the daily professional contact with customers and to establish a much better customer relationship.
A sustainable and long lasting professional and private success will be accelerated and strengthened.

Maintaining customer relationships is comparable to cooking: everybody cooks with water. However the quality of the ingredients, sensitivity when using spices, motivation and commitment in the kitchen and last but not least the presentation of the meals make the difference between canteen food and haute-cuisine.

The compendium reflects the collection of my personal experiences I could gain within meanwhile over 30 years in cooperation with customers, colleagues, employees and superiors. A long time to practice in real life of what I learned during approximately 80 days of formal sales- and management trainings during my career.

The usual trainings propagate their own methods, each of them being the “right” one for sales success.  At one point in time I realized that these methods are all based upon pretty simple, obvious and fundamental principles which actually every person with average social intelligence already applies – at least unconsciously.

I want to bring those fundamental principles back into the memory of my trainees and instruct them to use them on purpose when interacting with their fellow human beings. When used properly, these principles work as positive amplifier for the own personality as they will be received as natural and pleasant rather than appearing as artificial and semiskilled. The salescustomer relationship will become more intense. It will be easier for sales- and service-people to identify the real needs of the customers and to offer solutions that guarantee mutual success and long term relationships.


Available modules:

– Basic training: The first impression counts

  • Intrinsically natural basics, to be successful with and in front of customers • Reflection of own strengths and weaknesses when dealing with customers • Why are deals really won or lost • How to approach decision makers • Typology – understanding attitudes of different personalities

– Marketing: More effectivity within the same budget

  • From product to image – optimizing the positioning of the company in the market • Participation at exhibitions: Preparation, communication, professional attitude, debriefing and follow-up • Better usage of print- and electronic media to multiply the corporate messages

– Sales strategies: Preparing a master plan

  • Offensive and defensive sales strategies • From tactical sales to strategic project planning and execution • Recognizing and addressing the informal decision criteria of the various customer types • Introduction resp. analysis and optimization of the company’s sales process

– The art of (sales)-war: Outsmarting your political opponents

  • Recognizing political structures in companies and using them for the own benefit • Identifying and neutralizing enemies, finding allies to support your offerings • Working successfully with optimized resources within all hierarchy levels at the customer • Imposing fair contract conditions without risking the customer relationship


– Presentation skills : Less is more

  • From a slide jockey to presenting with impact • What is a good presentation • How to present with impact • Reviewing and improving a real customer corporate (or other) presentation


Who should participate in the trainings?

The whole compendium is targeted towards the field crews –whether in direct sales,  telesales, technical pre- or post-sales support  In particular the basic module however is beneficial for every person in the company, as ultimately every employee works in sales and sells himself on a daily basis, no matter which department he belongs to.


Individual trainings and coaching

Individual training goals can be mutually agreed upon, including material from the various training modules. In particular my service offerings include also active engagement in actual customer projects and pushing them ahead. From building a powerful company presentation towards extensive debrief of customer visits, from defining an appropriate sales strategy towards monitoring the success of it’s tactical implementation . Learning by and during doing


About the trainer

After receiving his MSEE degree at the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany) Carsten Elgert worked as application- engineer and –manager in pre- and post-sales positions.

In 1989 he moved into sales and grew his career at high-tech companies in the ElectronicDesign-Automation (EDA) and Intellectual Property (IP) industry. He held various positions, from account manager to President and CEO. The professional success was not only visible by constantly achieving the annual sales goals – well, nearly every year – but also getting several awards like “AE of the year”,  “AM of the year”,  ” Largest order of the year”.

The experiences collected during the professional career should not just get forgotten, but should help the next generation of ambitious colleagues in high-tech organizations to have daily fun in cooperating with customers – independent of which hierarchy level they deal with.